Your allegations are all nonsense- Becca replies her mothers allegations?

Becca's latest post on Instagram is somewhat suggesting that she does not care about her mother's allegations.

In the posts, Becca wrote “she loves driving people insane”.

In another Becca wrote “plenty nonsense”.

in another Becca wrote: “Tell me what’s your drive”.

beccafrica : “ Tell me what’s your drive! #DrivingLicense.”

Her husband who is fingered in all this brouhaha responded to one of the posts calling Becca that “my entire world”, as to let her know that, no matter what the world throws at her he will still be her love.

drtobisannidaniel: “@beccafricaMy entire world.”

But fans were not impressed with many hoping on the train to dish it out to Becca, believing she was taking a dig at her mother

i_am_quaku_jordan : “Which sense are you talking about? So one marriage you get now your mum is a witch for you ryt? Children of today paa de3. ”

Avida said Becca should stop posting rubbish:

avidanelnatan442 : “Drop your new song and stop posting all this rubbish

eastlegonmayor : “I know u can be arrogant but to treat ur mother this way cuz of a man is a BIG NO! Better apologize to her before is too late. Just lost all the respect I had for u. aah!.”

mznaa_endowed : “Go n mk peace wit ur mum dat de most important thing u chose ur man ova ur mum who does dat???.”


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