WWE Raw Results: Highlights for January 13

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A jam-pressed scene of Raw saw the first-since forever Fist Fight, the most recent part in the contention among Rusev and Bobby Lashley and the third confrontation between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy.

A not publicly broadcast Triple Threat coordinate between three Royal Rumble top picks commenced the show, while WWE champion Brock Lesnar returned, only multi week after the fantastic declaration that he would enter the current year's Rumble coordinate.

What else went down on the January 13 scene and in what manner may it shape the brand going ahead?

Randy Orton versus Drew McIntyre versus AJ Styles

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Randy Orton commenced the current week's show, tending to AJ Styles and the match declared for this present night's communicated. Styles hindered and said Orton's cases that he will win the Royal Rumble are bogus. The Phenomenal One will win, and in addition, his RKO is more remarkable than The Viper's.

Stepped McIntyre interfered with the to and fro and surveyed the group on a forthcoming match before a Triple Threat got in progress.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson endeavored to meddle for their O.C. partner and ate a Claymore and RKO, individually, as the demonstrate made a beeline for break.

Once again from the business, McIntyre pulled himself up on the ropes and German-suplexed Styles and Orton from the top. The Scottish Psychopath went after for the Claymore, yet Orton got him with a dropkick.

With McIntyre grounded at ringside, Orton and Styles combined off. The last prodded a RKO, yet Orton kept away from it. The Viper went after for the Styles Clash, however his adversary got away. Minutes after the fact, Orton conveyed the RKO to his opponent, just for McIntyre to dispatch himself over the ring with the Claymore for the hard-battled triumph.


McIntyre crushed Orton and Styles




McIntyre is collecting some repulsive responses from fans, who are truly getting tied up with his surveying. All the more critically, the character WWE is at long last enabling him to feature is ending up being the missing fixing in his formula for progress.

The activity here was relentless, the in-ring science was incredible and Orton and Styles can proceed with their program dependent on the completion.

With the national title school football match-up over on ESPN, this was actually the manner in which the demonstrate expected to begin, with three uncommon gifts taking up arms in a generally new match.

Ricochet versus Magic Rawley

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Ricochet set things straight with Mojo Rawley in a match definitely nobody requested.

The One and Only brought down Rawley right on time with a major dropkick and dumped him over the top rope in a decent bother for the Royal Rumble coordinate. He took off absurd rope and cleared out the previous Arizona Sun Devil at ringside.

Back inside, Rawley at long last held onto control, working Ricochet over with his quality favorable position. He conveyed a major corner sprinkle and set him up for an Alabama Slam, however the previous United States champion got away.

Minutes after the fact, the 630 earned Ricochet the success.


Ricochet crushed Rawley




In the case of nothing else, this put Ricochet over as a danger in the Royal Rumble. All things considered, the dynamic contender has tumbled off so remarkably from a booking point of view that it is about difficult to comprehend him rising up out of the 30-man fight with an ensured title shot.

The force he had over the late spring, when he was featuring Raw against AJ Styles and The O.C., is nonexistent now. Ideally, he can revive some of it in front of WrestleMania season on the grounds that a specialist as touchy as him is intended for a noteworthy minute during the most significant stretch of the year.

Charlotte Flair versus Sarah Logan

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Seven days after a wild and tumultuous fight between Charlotte Flair and Sarah Logan, the ladies' Royal Rumble contestants set things straight, each trying to set themselves up for a pivotal night in Houston.

Another fight broke out on the floor as the contenders coaxed a twofold tally out. Rather, the battle came back to the ring, where Flair dropped Logan and applied the Figure-Eight.

Logan tapped out, the torment an excessive amount to tolerate, and Flair got another success as she gathered speed in front of the January 26 compensation for each view event.

After the match, Flair set her robe back on and hurled Logan over the top rope, another indication of her strength.


Energy crushed Logan




So what was the motivation behind spending a week ago structure up Logan on the off chance that she would lose so authoritatively in her one took shots at Flair?

Of course, there was a fight suggestive of last week's, however not even once did Logan seem, by all accounts, to be the equivalent of the 10-time ladies' boss. Energy immediately dispatched of her, and to compound an already painful situation, Logan was hurled over the ropes like the idea in retrospect she is practically sure to be come Rumble time.

The innovative group had the chance to develop Logan in front of the match and add one more name to potential dim steed contenders, and rather it went the anticipated course of booking Flair better than another contender.

Brock Lesnar Is Back

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WWE champion Brock Lesnar came back to Raw, seven days after a declaration that shook the Royal Rumble to its center.

The group's absence of energy to see him, complete with serenades of "you suck," made The Beast leave the squared hover seeming a bit piqued. "Women and gentlemen...my client...does not suck!" his supporter Paul Heyman shouted.

Lesnar came back to the ring, where he held the title high overhead. Heyman endeavored to address the group again however was met with a theme of boos. He at last slice through the sneers and recapped his great declaration from seven days back, saying Lesnar will rule the Rumble and win.

That, he asserted, is a spoiler.

WWE every minute of every day champion R-Truth interfered with Heyman's wordy promotion.

Truth amusingly proclaimed for the Rumble, guaranteeing he would toss Heyman over the top rope. At the point when he discovered the promoter was not entering in any case, rather, Lesnar, Truth undeclared for the match.

"I don't need Brock Lesnar to take me to Sioux Falls City!"

Truth drove the group in his "What's happening?" rap before Lesnar dumbfounded him and dropped him with a F-5 to finish off the portion. "That is what's up," Lesnar put a shout point on things.

Magic Rawley took advantage of the circumstance, sticking Truth to win the title after the break.




Truth is a national fortune.

His comedic work here was splendid and raised the worn out old Lesnar/Heyman promotion portion. Similarly as astounding was Heyman, who played to the group (and off Truth) magnificently.

There are a great deal of times Lesnar returns, Heyman cuts a promotion, and nothing is accomplished. While there was little that originated from this section, it was in any event profoundly engaging and included progressively amazing work from one of the most underestimated entertainers of the most recent decade.

Rusev versus Bobby Lashley

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Vowing to retaliate for the mortification they endured two weeks back during their stupendous wedding, Bobby Lashley and Lana hit the ring for a confrontation with Rusev.

The Bulgarian Brute took the battle to Lashley early, dropping him with a turning heel kick. The All Mighty recouped and worked over his adversary as neither one of the men increased a feasible advantage. Rusev dropped Lashley with a major clothesline and hurled him with a suplex. Another suplex followed as concern painted the substance of Lana.

Lashley mounted a rebound, sent Rusev to the floor and shot him with a huge running lance heading into the break.

Once again from the business, Lashley assaulted the knee of his adversary while Lana viewed on enthusiastically. He kept on controlling the pace until a visually impaired charge left Lashley colliding with the ring post. Rusev mounted his rebound, dropped the heel with a Samoan Drop and conveyed a corner sprinkle. An overhead suplex followed.

Rusev prodded the Accolade, however Lana jumped up on the ring cover, giving an interruption that Lashley exploited. A twofold clothesline left the two men on their backs.

Liv Morgan showed up, walking to ringside and encountering Lana, who got a beverage from ringside and tossed it in Morgan's face. She sent her previous love enthusiasm into the guardrail. Back inside the ring, Lashley conveyed a lance for the success.

After the business break, Lana gave a test to Rusev and Liv Morgan for a Mixed Tag Team coordinate on one week from now's show.


Lashley vanquished Rusev




The match itself was a conventional skirmish of the enormous men, with hard-hitting activity and some quality suplexes. Lashley winning takes into account the program to proceed, which, similar to it or not, is by all accounts the course WWE is taking.

The greatest disclosure in the whole fragment was the pop Morgan got upon her passage. The previous Riott Squad part has not been a piece of many significant storylines and was principally the feeble connection of that gathering. That she is getting that kind of response this from the get-go in her singles run is a demonstration of the impact this program is having on the entirety of the entertainers in question.

Love it or despise it, everybody included is progressively over accordingly, and that makes it a significant achievement.

The Viking Raiders versus The Singh Brothers

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Crude label group champions The Viking Raiders hit the ring and gave an open test to any individual who needed to cross them this week. Sunil and Samir Singh addressed the test, a lot to the delight in the discourse group.

Erik and Ivar raised the challenge up and tossed them like garden darts at one another.

Inside the squared circle, the bosses devastated the Singhs and set them away with the Viking Experience.


The Viking Raiders crushed The Singh Brothers




This is a thing that occurred.

Becky Lynch and Asuka Sign Their Royal Rumble Contract

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The contention between Becky Lynch and Asuka will come full circle at Royal Rumble when The Man protects her Raw ladies' title against The Empress of Tomorrow, on the whole, those two ladies marked the agreement for their giant experience.

Kairi Sane joined Asuka, hoping to scare Lynch with her umbrella, to which the victor reacted by getting it and driving The Pirate Princess from the ring.

The two ladies marked the agreement before Asuka out of nowhere and out of the blue spit her green fog according to her Rumble rival. The Kabuki Warriors left, thrilled by their very own activities, while medicinal faculty took care of Lynch.

Lynch, as yet reeling, got the amplifier and promised that on the off chance that she goes down on January 26, she's going down swinging.




In the event that the purpose of this was to remind fans not just that Kairi Sane is an undeniable risk to a reasonable, one-on-one match at Royal Rumble yet in addition that Asuka can spit her green fog unexpectedly, it worked.

Else, it was another wrestling contract marking that did nothing to truly facilitate the contention in any quantifiable manner.

Lynch's promotion a short time later was solid and felt like the old Becky looking her head out from behind the more watered-down Man persona that has every so often grabbed hold as of late.

Aleister Black versus Mate Murphy III

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The third in a progression of dynamite coordinates between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy occurred for this present week, each man trying to set up prevalence and boasting rights as well as gather speed in front of the Royal Rumble.

A forceful Black, searching for retribution after a ruthless sneak assault on a week ago's communicated, battled Murphy from the ring, around ringside and up the slope right off the bat in the session. Murphy sent him into the guardrail, however, and held onto control. He conveyed a major suplex from the incline onto the boundary heading into the break.

The activity proceeded through the span of the to and fro coordinate, neither one of the men increasing maintainable control. The fans welcomed the activity with serenades of "this is wonderful," valuing the endeavors the contenders put in.

Murphy at long last hit Murphy's Law, however an alarm Black got his foot on the rope. Murphy attempted to convey another, yet Black, plainly out of it, turned out to be dead weight and about outlandish for him to move.

A haughty Best Kept Secret insulted an apparently out-of-it Black and set him up for his own finisher. Dark dodged and shot Murphy with Black Mass for a nearby two-tally. From that point, he put Murphy down with another Black Mass for the hard-battled triumph.


Dark vanquished Murphy




Dark and Murphy have wrestled three broadcast coordinates in the course of the most recent month, and all of them has been unique. Their science is off the diagrams, their capacity to enrapture the crowd with new successions, callbacks to past spots and their crude physicality is amazing.

Dark has more upside as a real headliner contender, so it appeared well and good that he went over. Additionally, given the post-coordinate occasions that saw a despondent Murphy sitting toward the guardrail, it appeared well and good for the Aussie to endure another spirit smashing destruction to set that up.

Toss in a match that was, from a quality outlook, just as great as its forerunners, and you have a gigantically effective portion that crawled nearer to setting up Black and Murphy as veritable top-level ability on the lead.

Erick Rowan in real life

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Erick Rowan advanced toward the squared hover for another squash coordinate against an anonymous adversary. On his way there, he halted to gaze intently at Buddy Murphy, who was still propped facing the guardrail in dismay that he was not able down Aleister Black.

Rowan crushed the poor rival, yet not before prodding that he would uncover the animal in his enclosure. Rather, it bit him, and Rowan took out his disappointments by ruining to his rival with the Iron Claw.


Rowan won




Foam, wash, rehash.

The Rowan story in any event composed another section with his bother of uncovering the confined creature to the majority, yet this still feels like it is moving at the speed of molasses. WWE Creative actually needs to hustle just a bit and advance this thing in light of the fact that now, when it at long last does, nobody will mind.

Clench hand Fight: Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe versus Seth Rollins and AOP

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The main Fist Fight throughout the entire existence of Raw featured the current week's show and burned through brief period getting in progress.

Seth Rollins and AOP hopped Big Show before the ringer, drawing Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe out from the back. The six contenders fought around the field, including onto the stage, where KO ran and cleared out Akam and Rezar.

At ringside, Rollins wound up helpless before The World's Largest Athlete. He halted and asked Murphy, as yet sitting in dismay, for help. Back inside the squared circle, Big Show took steps to put The Monday Night Messiah through a table, just to have Murphy meddle and convey a low blow.

Working with Rollins, Murphy put the mammoth through the table. The heels beat the huge man down and completed with a Stomp from Rollins.

Announced the victors, Rollins and AOP grasped. From that point, the lead heel on Monday evenings embraced Murphy, connoting the most recent pupil in the Messiah's following.


Rollins and AOP crushed Joe, Owens and Big Show through arbitrator choice




This was a wild, show-shutting fight camouflaged as a genuine match. More than that, it was an extraordinary edge that presented the most recent individual from the heel group while additionally demonstrating Rollins is one stage in front of his adversaries.

Publicizing a Fist Fight was a senseless choice on the grounds that the organization could have effectively introduced this as a full scale war of weakening in the headliner spot and still practiced something very similar without getting so cutesy with its promoting. It was adequate and highlighted the huge edge toward the conclusion to warrant its incorporation on the show without a gimmicky reason.

The sooner WWE understands that straightforward is better, the more lucid the show will turn into.

For what it's worth, Murphy is the ideal expansion to Rollins' developing steady and a Superstar who can profit exponentially from remaining close by one of the most polarizing stars in the business.


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