'Wrinkles the Clown' Documentary about the Real-Life Pennywise

'IT: Chapter 2' has just hit theaters, yet there's another nightmarish jokester film advancing toward the cinema. The up and coming 'Wrinkles The Clown' narrative looks at the genuine Pennywise that rose to Internet popularity five years prior.

The motion picture centers around a viral YouTube video that featured a dreadful figure wearing a jokester veil and bouncing from underneath a kid's bed. The portrayal of clasp handed-off that the jokester's name is Wrinkles and he lived in southwest Florida. Wrinkles was procured by guardians to unnerve their youngsters as discipline for acting mischievously.

The video set off various fans to transfer their very own recordings of Wrinkles spotted "in nature." The trailer for the up and coming narrative reveals insight into the online sensation. Watch the clasp above and afterward pay special mind to 'Wrinkles the Clown' to debut on October 4.

Elsewhere in the world encompassing jokesters, chief Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix left the current year's Venice Film Festival with the Golden Lion grant for 'Joker.'


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