(watch)Nigel Gaisie extorts money from rich women – Kennedy Agyapong

It would appear that the brouhaha going on between Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong and Nigel Gaisie, head of Prophetic Hill Chapel won't end at any point in the near future, as the individual from parliament has made more disclosures on how the godly man stunts ladies and tricks them of their cash

As indicated by the individual from parliament, Nigel Gaisie, not at all like Obinim, goes after ladies who have cash, draws near to them and hoodwinks them, after which he leaves them dry.

As per the Assin Central MP who was talking in a meeting on Atinka TV observed by GhanaWeb, Nigel Giaisie has CCTV cameras at his congregation which he screens in his office.

Also, whiles there, he pays special mind to particularly ladies who come in with tasteful and costly vehicles, he at that point focuses in on their vehicle number and uses it to prediction to these ladies, draws near to them and exploits them to advance himself.

“The difference between Obinim and Nigel Gaisie, those two are the same but the difference is that Obinim takes care of his women, whiles Nigel extorts money from them. He has CCTV cameras which he monitors in his office, so he sees men and women who come to his church and the cars they come with. Then he cunningly zooms in on the number plate of the classier and expensive cars, gets the car numbers and uses it to prophesy, sending the owners into panic mode, thereby taking advantage to take money from them,” he said on the show.

The Lawmaker said what even annoys him is the fact that after all the people Nigel Gaisie has duped to enrich himself, his mother is a poor woman who sells plantain and cassava just to get by. He said he did not understand why he wouldn’t use some of the money he has acquired for himself even though through foul means to better the life of his mother.

“His mother humbly sells cassava and plantain to keep up with life. They are eight children in the family and Nigel is the last. Because he doesn’t reason, a poor woman’s son who has made money through foul means you would have at least taken good care of your mother but no. You are even not shy that your mother even sells cassava. You will see what I will do to you,” he said.


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