(watch)Back to sender, Mumu hires for robbery but ends up being robbed by his men

The choice by a worker who wanted to enroll individuals he thought were into outfitted burglary to burglarize his boss in Accra, Ghana, has horribly exploded backward as he was forced to bear his arrangement.

In what is best referred to in Ghanaian speech as 'back to sender', the theft organizer, whose name isn't yet known to adomonline.com, moved toward men he accepted could assist him with taking care of his boss through burglary.

As confidence will have it, the men he drew nearer were angered by the youngster's idea of them as furnished burglars so they baited him for into a den for a standoff he may always remember in his life.

A video of the occurrence which is quick circling on the web had the men greet the youthful representative for addressing as they demanded he admits to his endeavor to draw them into a wrongdoing as amazing as burglary.

The occurrence was caught in a novice video by one of the men as they cross examined the thoughtful looking youngster.

Detecting threat and anxiety in the voices of the youngsters, the representative endeavored to clean his story by saying he just needed them to assist him with recovering cash from his manager who as indicated by him, had destroyed him.

This endeavor by him to change his story further maddened the men who chose to show him a thing or two as they extended him over a wooden seat and gave him an incredible whipping.

As the beatings heightened, the youngster who couldn't take the beatings any longer, ran away yet not with the motorbike he accompanied.

The youngsters at that point took care of the motorbike, saying they accepted he may have taken it from some place, particularly with the attitude he moved toward them with.

Despite the fact that adomonline.com couldn't freely check the area of the activity when of distribution, some online networking clients who remarked on the video said the episode occurred in Sowutuom, a well known suburb of Accra.


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