(video)How dare u dare me Abeiku Santana fires warning shot against 'Girls prefect' Nana Aba Anamoah

Its beefing season and these past few days has seen two radio and television personalities clash, lets remind ourselves first before we delve into the new video

Abeiku Santana has conflicted with Nana Aba Anamoah over the visit of Cardi B and Symply Tacha to Ghana.

As indicated by the Okay FM moderator, Nana Aba Anamoah has the parrot mouth to state everything except for he is doesn't have the foggiest idea why the GhOne TV news analyst is quiet about the Cardi B uproar.

Abeiku Santana made the remarks on his show when he was moaning about the individuals who chastised the Despite Media Group, for welcoming Symply Tacha to Ghana and offering her a VIP treatment during her remain.

Nana Aba in answer to Abeiku Santana took steps to manage him web based, giving him a final offer to reveal where and how she at any point talked sick about UTV's welcome and VIP treatment for Tacha when she was in Ghana.

“Did Abeiku really say that I dissed UTV for bringing someone to Ghana? I’d like to know when and where I did that? @AbeikuSantana did you really say that? Oh, nka this TL will be LIT. Kindly confirm if you opened your mouth to spew what these bloggers have been claiming.” she tweeted

Minutes after her tweet, tweeps hauled out old tweets of Nana Aba unpretentiously vilifying the Despite Media Group's facilitating of Tacha in such a stupendous style. See the tweets underneath.

Be that as it may, Nana Aba in responding the screen capture asserts that her remarks about the Tacah visit isn't a diss to UTV.


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