Vanessa Gyan's child belongs to ex footballer Stephen Appiah

Previous Ghanaian footballer-Stephen Appiah's better half is said to be WILD—and once in a while jumpy. In any case, this does not appear to have halted Stephen Appiah from supposedly cleaving down Vanessa Gyan and notwithstanding having a youngster with her.

Who the hell is Vanessa Gyan by any means?

Vanessa is a Ghanaian-American who made a little name inside the Ghanaian media scene as the girl of the keyboardist of Osibisa-Kiki Gyan, and afterward had a low paid TV gig at eTV and quickly at GHONE.

With her being on TV, she began eating from the side table of some famous industry people—and we surmise that is when Stephen Appiah met her or suppose when her "trap got a bayla".

In excess of three distinct sources have revealed to us this week that, Vanessa Gyan has told companions, with one saying she advised her straightforwardly, in New York, that Stephen Appiah is the dad of her tyke.

Strikingly, while a portion of her previous work partners have revealed to us that it's known by the entirety of her companions that Stephen Appiah is the dad of her tyke—at any rate so she asserts, someone else near the footballer expressed that, Appiah has not by any stretch of the imagination acknowledged any duty regarding that tyke as he purportedly says the sex was simply once.

At the point when GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Vanessa Gyan to verify or refute the floating claim that Stephen Appiah is the dad of her kid, she evaporated like a phantom, on Whatsapp, as though she is our contemporary Wukong from the Journey toward the West.

Promptly GhanaCelebrities.Com's Founding Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong informed Vanessa about the abovementioned, she immediately changed her DP which included her youngster.

Obviously, the kid looks like Appiah—dull and dazzling, however that is not the kind of conclusive affirmation required on such issues.

Whatever it is, we trust the youngster knows the dad. Young ladies don't joke nowadays with handing out the pregnancy sauce…


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