UEFA are trying to ban Manchester City from the Champions League

The New York Times are in the past 3 hours reporting that UEFA are looking to ban manchester City from the champions league following an investigation. 

they say that the club misled the authorities about their spending. 

Members of UEFA's financial control board met to discuss if and how they should be punished if found guilty, and a suspension is now what is being tabled. 

If so is considered it would be in effect for the least of one season. but as its stands now it's unclear whether it would come into effect in the 2019/20 season or the season after that. 

Any punishment would need to be implemented by the end of June, when the proper uefa Champions League qualifiers begin, so that City would have the chance to appeal.

The new york times as reported explains: 

"The files are said to include emails and internal club documents showing efforts by City to circumvent UEFA’s financial fair-play regulations by masking cash infusions from a United Arab Emirates state-backed investment company through inflated sponsorship agreements with entities including the U.A.E.’s national airline, Etihad."

City's battle with UEFA has been ongoing for quite some time. 



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