Tyler, The Creator Accuses The GRAMMYs of Racial Bias with "Urban" Category Win

Tyler, The Creator set out to win a GRAMMY grant, making his desire understood on the introduction of his original Bastard mixtape expressing, "My objective in life is a GRAMMY, ideally mom'll go to the Ceremony with all my homies." Fast forward about 10 years after the fact, and Tyler at long last had his minute in front of an audience with dear companion Jasper and his mom close by as he thoughtfully acknowledged the honor for Best Rap Album for IGOR. Behind the stage during interviews with the press pool, Tyler started debate by blaming the Recording Academy for racial predisposition for purportedly gathering all craftsmen of shading into the "Urban" classification paying little mind to sort.

“On one side I’m very grateful that what I made could be acknowledged in a world like this, but also it sucks that whenever “we” – and I mean guys that look like me – do anything that’s genre-bending or that’s anything, they always put it in a rap or “urban” category which is – and I don’t like that “urban” word, it’s just a politically correct way to say the ‘N-word’ to me. So when I hear that I’m just like, ‘why can’t we just be in pop’ you know what I mean? Half of me feels like the rap nomination was a backhanded compliment, like ‘oh my little cousin wants to play the game, let’s give him the unplugged controller so he could shut up and feel good about it.’ That’s what it felt like a bit. But another half of me is very grateful that the art that I made could be acknowledged on a level like this.”

Tyler's complaint goes ahead the impact points of Sean "Diddy" Combs hammering the Recording Academy at an ongoing Pre-Grammy Gala occasion, saying "dark music has never been regarded by the GRAMMYs." In past years, craftsmen like Kanye West and JAY-Z have either boycotted or taken steps to blacklist the show for comparable reasons. Watch Tyler's full explanation above, where he adjusts his appreciation for at last winning the honor while pointing out the Academy sitting above craftsmen by sorting them as "urban."


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