I had always wondered "why the need for certain road signs" if drivers do not obey them and the law cannot be enforced? or the culprit dealt with?

So on this other day I boarded a troxi to Accra, and you know how these drivers stop anywhere to pick passengers. then we got to ministries, after the ministries bus stop the driver stopped again to pick a passenger, then i realised something, there was a "NO PARKING" sign in front and behind the troxi. i looked up to check the area and realised it was parked in front of the National Investment Bank. i thought to myself if the driver has not seen these signs?

before the passenger could climb on, i saw the security come out to stop the passenger from getting on, and asked the driver the leave. the driver and his mate pleaded to let them pick just this one passenger but but she stood on her grounds and said no despite the insults the rained on her. at that moment i was glad some at least someone could do their job and do it well.

this issue is killing us, drivers parking anywhere they want not thinking about what the sign post reads. they even park at bus stops and turn it into a loading area, and taxi rang, blocking zebra crossings and not even giving pedestrians the chance to get a place to cross.

when it comes to roads, pedestrians and drivers there should be no excuse, because someone cant obey whiles the other doesn't, it does work that way.


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