The full Pastor Wilson (psy eating specialist preacher) sex tape

Famous minister, David E. Wilson, has been named the 'P-ssy Eating Pastor after an unequivocal video supposedly giving him performing oral s.e.x to an individual from his congregation spilled. As per reports, the lady isn't his significant other. Distributed reports charge that Pastor Wilson was "eating the damnation out of the lady".

The minister who is said to be hitched has been inclining on Twitter for three days as far back as the video released on the web. Minister Wilson is said to have been a clergyman of the Gospel in Texas for about 40 years. He has a place with the BibleWay Ministries and World Out Reach church.

Yet, distributed reports affirm that the lady the minister is supposedly giving head isn't his better half.

A Pastor Wilson’s impostor released a video to his critics.

“I am a pastor that likes p-ssy. I am a real man. Remember that God made a woman for the man [so] f*ck you” says the look alike.

He added “I’m a real man, I’m real about who I am and remember that God made a woman for the man.”



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