The Flash season 5, episode 2, the girl with red lightning, What will happen next?


The official CW synopsis for The Girl with The Red Lightning reads:

“Team Flash is on alert after Cicada threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk.”

According to the season five, episode 21 promo, Team Flash’s plan to stop Cicada II is to round-up all the metas of Central City in one place so they are easier to protect.

The trailer starts with police chief David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) asking: “You want me to open the doors to every meta in this city?”

As he does this, the lifts in the building open and are revealed to be full of people.

These metas are then seen starting to fill up the police department.

However, they are unlikely to be safe there for long if the rest of the promo is anything to go by.

In the next scene, a voice says: “Wipe them off the face of the planet.”

As this is said Cicada II is seen brandishing her weapon, looking ready to kill.

However, Cicada II might not even need to destroy the metas herself.

The preview shows them fighting in the police precinct, suggesting tensions are running high.

We then get our first view of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), who says: “This is our last chance.”

He may be right, as the next scene of the promo shows Cicada breaking through the ceiling of the police department.

The Flash then says: “We need to find Cicada or we lose everyone.”

Fans, however, will have to tune in to The CW and find out exactly what will happen.

Season five, episode 21 is the penultimate episode of the series, meaning it is likely to end with an epic cliffhanger getting us ready for the finale.

the flash will be available for download right HERE on tuesday.


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