Talon-v7.5.9.2120 free apk download

Talon Systems' ETA - Education & Training Administration. Mobile version of Talon Systems' flight school training management software.

* NOTE: if your school or organization has not installed the latest release of ETA, you will have to stick with the original ETA Mobile app until they do so.

** ETA Pro functionality: - push notifications for ETA messages, new pending authorization, more to be added soon - view more details about an activity in schedule - view the grade sheet for a student in schedule - view an instructor's schedule - view, approve, and deny pending authorization requests - view student course map (stages, lessons, units, and line items) - view and confirm FIFs (Flight Information Files) - view your pilot log book - In-App link to send email directly to Talon Systems for comments, suggestions, or complaints - view more details about a student's course



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