Student shocks examiners as she writes Bible passages on examinations paper

Updated: May 24, 2019

A confounded understudy composed book of scriptures refrains and petitions as answers amid her science paper.

As per the analysts, she denied any assistance saying she's an individual from the SU (Scripture Union).

In any case, her answers have sent everybody in stun even the online crowd in the wake of perusing what she go off as answers in a science test

A portion of the things she stated: "I ask that the effortlessness that was accessible for Joseph to deny laying down with the spouse of Potiphar will be adequate to see me through my adventure."

She additionally stated, "The ruler is my Shepherd, I can't need. Goodness Lord, my confidence is sticking to you. I need you to favor me with a decent outcome that you provide for individuals who don't come up short you. Old of days, as old as you seem to be. You will never show signs of change."

Whose fault is it when she fails; God, the examiner or herself? 


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