Solex TV AF 3.0.3 free download apk

olex TV APK is a simple lightweight and easy to use Android application to stream movies and TV shows. The app contains different type of categories such as Horror, Mystery, Action, Comedy etc. Solex TV also works best with Android TV and Firestick. If you are planning to cut your cords then Solex TV will work best for you. The app gets update very frequently.

Solex TV started as a free project for people who love to watch movies in their Android device without spending a penny. Solex TV has lots of movies from many genre. Solex TV doesn’t need any sign up or subscription to watch HD Movie. It is 100% Free and always will be.

Put 14 languages with over 4.5 million words and definitions by the world`s most trusted dictionary publisher Oxford University Press in your pocket. The Translator mode for quick help on the go will make you feel confident in solving any language-related challenges.

• Translate any word with the Dictionary mode, powered by 14 of the top Oxford dictionaries.

• Translate any sentence, expression or whole paragraphs with the Translator mode.

• Listen to native Audio pronunciations to learn words faster (premium feature).

• Learn new word every day with the “Word of the day” feature.

• Translate words and paragraphs from other apps as web browsers or Facebook.

• Get access to Recent searches, available on your home screen to save your time.

• Create lists of Favorite translations on your main menu and access them with ease.

• Use the app in Offline mode (premium feature).


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