Slay Queen who has slept with 130 men cries for help on online

Updated: May 24, 2019

A young woman who has laid down with an extraordinary number of men has taken to internet based life to sob about her powerlessness to settle down with small time since she needs to wed.

As indicated by the woman, she has laid down with 130 distinct men all through her lifetime and no man is happy to remain with her when they discover of her previous existence.

The woman who kept in touch with her biography to social media relationship blogger Joro Olumofin clarified that she had an exceptionally harsh youngster developing so she constantly wanted to leave the house at a youthful age.

With time, she began laying down with men at an extremely youthful age and she adored it. It got to a tie she ended up dependent and constantly liked to get out and lay down with men.

Since she has deserted that life, any man who comes into her life and needs to wed her forget after he discovers her wanton way of life before.

The young woman claims she can not comprehend why men can not see past her previous existence but rather in the event that she was a man, this wouldn't have been any major ordeal to other ladies; truth be told, she would have been adulated. The young woman claims she needs assistance to beat this relationship issue she is experiencing.



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