Sister Derby reacts to the alleged message about Fella Makafui

Sister Derby has at last ended quietness on her enigmatic message which pulled in issue and affront focused at Fella Makafui.

The previous end of the week, the Ghanaian mermaid rejoined with her ex, Medikal, when she joined the AMG rapper to play out their " Risky" tune they recorded when they were as one.

The next morning after the show, Sister Derby's obscure message about how somebody contemptuously responded to her with a sickening frame of mind when they met, surfaced on the web.

In spite of the fact that she never referenced anybody's name, fans expected she was tending to Fella Makafui and in this manner propelled obnoxious ambushes on her for being rude to Sister Derby.

Fella has likewise furiously responded by dropping a remark via social media saying she never met Sister Derby upon the arrival of the show.

Presently, the Ghanaian mermaid has turned out to dispel any confusion air, unveiling that whoever she was tending to isn't even somebody in the Ghanaian showbiz.

She likewise included that the post that was coursing, was even posted before she performed at the show.

Her post on Twitter read, "This post was made Saturday morning. Morning oo morning. I was not referring to anyone in the entertainment industry. Thanks."


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