SiR Tackles in New Album 'Chasing Summer'With guest verses from Kendrick, lil Wayne.

TDE endorser SiR has shared his most up to date collection Chasing Summer. Tapping any semblance of Kendrick Lamar for "Hair Down," Smino for "LA Lisa" and Lil Wayne for "Lucy's Love," the vocalist musician maker bundles the possibility of unavoidable detachment in 14 firmly created R&B tracks.

While SiR uses popular culture wonders — to be specific "John Redcorn" of the great animation King of the Hill and I Love Lucy in "Lucy's Love" — to make these tragic situations, the enthusiasm in his expressively charged vocals stays credible as he ventures into the shoes of these fictionalized characters. Entering a universe of pretend, he's allowed to address the numerous parts of closeness, changing it into awful, relatable stanzas. SiR compounds an already painful situation as he lays his lovesick desires over an ill humored combination of drums, keys, synths, and deferred guitars, transferring a melancholic climate inside the sonically engaging task.


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