She had challenged me, I had to put Nana Aba in her place – Abeiku Santana

Media character, Abeiku Santana says he never implied any vindictiveness with his 'young ladies' regent' remarks about media character, Nana Aba Anamoah.

Santana had addressed why Miss Anamoah had gone quiet over the issue of 'meet and welcome' with American rapper Cardi B, when she had recently offered remarks about the appearance of Big Brother star, Simply Tacha in Ghana and the publicity that pursued.

“You criticised Tacha’s visit. She is half Ghanaian and was here to learn her culture but you criticised the organisers,” he fired.

“The celebrities wore their best dresses, did makeup, nails and wigs, and waited for 9 hours just to meet Akosua Cardi B while she was eating khebab in her hotel room. And you, Nana Aba, the girls’ prefect among them couldn’t speak for them?” He continued

Comments to which Nana Aba responded:

“Asking who Tach is, is your idea of me dissing UTV? Such a load of trash! You expect me to pretend to know who she is when I clearly don’t? Do you know every single person in this world who appears on TV?”

Back and forth it went, and Santana’s response to the above was:

“…After telling you to come and address these issues you give me an ultimatum that I should come and remove my mouth; how dare you, how dare you dare me, how dare you dare me, can you dare me, can you dare me; this should be your last warning. I’ve been advised so don’t dare me,”

But explaining what really happened in an interview with ZionFelix, Abeiku ,

“Nana Aba is my sister, my junior from the same school; Ghana National Secondary, but she tried to challenge me on some issues and I wanted the facts to be brought to bear. I wasn’t angry, I only spoke about her commenting on the Simply Tacha girl and I asked why she didn’t do same for Cardi B.”

On why he referred to her as a ‘girls’ prefect’ Santana said:

“I called her girls prefect because she takes on everything that comes up about girls, a typical example is the Serwaa Amihere issue, so I tagged her as a ‘girls’ prefect and it fits her.”


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