Samsung Patents Surround Display Smartphone With a Sliding Camera

In the wake of delivering a progression of cell phones with adaptable showcases, South Korean tech monster Samsung is currently taking it to the following level with plans to make another telephone that is 100% screen.

Under a patent basically named "electronic gadget" back in July at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the organization's representations portray a cell phone configuration totally wrapped by shows that consolidate to make a consistent encounter. A 70-page documenting shows two enormous AMOLED or LCD screens on one or the other surface of the gadget, encircled by semi-adjusted showcases that run along the edges to make an angled surface, all encased by a straightforward packaging for security. The telephone at that point slides separated down the middle to uncover a shrouded camera, which is conveniently covered when not being used.

For a more practical gander at what Samsung could create, LETSGODIGITAL's creator Giuseppe Spinelli made renderings dependent on the patent representations, which you can see above.

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