Rolex shuts down its Swiss Factories amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the continuous extended of the coronavirus, Europe has gotten one of the most influenced landmasses on the planet. While Italy has been hit the hardest, the world's watch center Switzerland has likewise endured, with its paper Neue Zuercher Zeitung announcing 2,330 affirmed cases and 18 passings. To battle the pandemic, the nation's Federal Council has chosen to close all shops, eateries, and diversion offices until mid-April.

Considering these advancements, Rolex's CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour has now chosen to briefly shut down the entirety of its Swiss production lines for ten days, from March 17 to 27. “As I already said last week, we are facing a very serious situation,” says his statement, which has been translated from French. “In order to protect you, your families, and your loved ones, but also to limit the risks of spreading the Coronavirus as much as possible, we have decided to close our production sites in Geneva, Bienne, and Crissier from March 17 at 5:00 PM through Friday, March 27, 2020.”

“That date may of course be pushed back according to the evolution of the epidemic,” he added.

source hypebeast


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