Premier league statement on latest results of covid19 test.

Source - premier league

The Premier League can today confirm that on Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June, 1,195 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19. Of these, zero have tested positive.

The Premier League is providing this aggregated information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency. No specific details as to clubs or individuals will be provided by the League and results will be made public after each round of testing. 

Previous test results

Round 1: 17-18 May - 748 tested, with six testing positive from three clubs. Round 2: 19-22 May - 996 tested, with two testing positive from two clubs. Round 3: 25-26 May - 1,008 tested, with four testing positive from two clubs. Round 4: 28-29 May - 1,130 tested, with zero testing positive. Round 5: 1-2 June - 1,197 tested, with one testing positive.


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