Nigerian arrested for almost kidnaping boy, 4, at Maamobi

A Nigerian has been captured for endeavoring to abduct a kid around the Maamobi polyclinic in Accra.

The suspect, yet to be named, was captured after an observer raised an alert while he was tricking the 4-year-old kid into a holding up vehicle with three different suspects in it,'s Winegah Perry Edwin revealed Sunday morning.

The suspect allegedly kept running into an adjacent house and changed his attire however his spread was blown after occupants of the house surrendered him. The others in the vehicle dashed off.

The capturing crowd at that point took him to the Kotobabi police headquarters. He has presently been raced to the Police Hospital for treatment following the assault on him by the crowd.

The kid is sheltered with the police.

On Friday, two different Nigerians were shot dead in the Upper West locale for theft.

The improvement returns on the of a week ago's capture of the supposed criminals of the two Canadians which included three Nigerians.

Presently, two different Nigerians are being held over the seizing of the three Takoradi young ladies in the Western district of Ghana


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