Nigeria, Ghana be fake beefing but definately love each other Cardi B says

Cardi B was a week ago, in Africa unexpectedly, to perform in Nigeria and Ghana.

The American rapper sure had a bunches of fun, however at that point.. she saw that there was a mess of strain among Ghana and Nigeria.

Cardi has said the 'pressure'/hamburger between the two West African neighboring nations isn't valid, as depicted outside the world. She contrasted the two nations and Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Ghana and Nigeria have been at 'war' via social media over legislative issues, entertainment and most importantly, food (particularly jollof).

“I didn’t know that the beef between Ghana and Nigeria is fake. They are just like Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico – they love each other but they fake beef with each other,” she told her Instagram fans.

“But I like both countries. I wish I had more time to spend in both countries. I had fun everything.”


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