Nigeria don carry last for world jollof competition as Ghana win

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Ghana finishes Nigeria for jollof rivalry following 24-year-old kitchen specialist, Sika Mortoo, beat Nigerian partner to take win in the jollof cooking rivalry.

Onga Jollof Battle happen a weekend ago in Accra as two gourmet experts from Ghana Naija enter fight to discover which nation cooks the best jollof.

Jollof be well known West African dinner which dem dey take rice, tomato sauce lair other zesty fixings get ready.

De dinner be well known among nations like Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon.

Nigerian culinary expert Turay bring her jollof A game, yet e no dey enof to win

Be that as it may, throughout recent years, Ghana lair Nigeria consistently dey battle about de top pot regarding which nation jollof better pass.

After de judges taste the two plates of jollof, each of the three judges vote for de Ghana jollof.

De last outcomes be Ghana jollof 95% and Nigeria jollof which gourmet expert Turay plan, score 75%.

De three judges from Ghana, Nigeria cave South Africa all vote for Ghana jollof.

Victor of de jollof rivalry, Sika Mortoo, convey de money prize of $2000 home. En Nigeria partner, culinary specialist Turay, bring home $1000.


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