developing story, Chris Attoh’s wife Bettie Jennifer had another husband

Updated: May 24, 2019

The stunning end of Bettie Jenifer who was known to be the spouse of Ghanaian on-screen character Chris Attoh has prompted the rise of similarly stunning certainties about her marriage life – she was hitched to another man Kedrick Jenifer!

Is progressively interesting that Kedrick and Bettie were fighting in court. He had petitioned for "supreme separation" and was looking for some mitigates from the Circuit Court of Prince George's Country – Civil System.

As indicated by a report located by JiveNaija. com, the case was documented on April 4, 2019. There was likewise a movement from the advice of Kedrick for Beetie to "represent resources" and "for a directive to avert dissemination of benefits".

It is on record that the request had been issued to Bettie.

In the interim a screen capture of a discussion which resulted between two obscure people with respect to the contention encompassing Bettie's demise has been available for use on different internet based life stages.

As per the witness, Kedrick who is in prison over medication related issues, compromised Bettie subsequent to seeing photos she had taken with Chris Attoh.

The dangers sent shudders down Bettie's spine as she immediately educated the entertainer, prompting the erasure of every one of their photos on Instagram to make the impression they had separated.

"Chris wed the young lady. The young lady no tell am state she was hitched" the talk read. "Her better half de prison for here. Ruthless medication delear. So as the photos hit Instagram, the person send dangers. So she revealed to him make he commot the pics with the goal that accounts will begin spreading that they break up."Chris Attoh's secretive message 30 minutes after Bettie was shot

The entertainer tweeted an obscure message about steadfastness and unfaithfulness only thirty minutes after his better half Bettie Jenifer was shot.

"With regards to connections, staying devoted is never a choice however a need. Faithfulness is ever… " his tweet read.

In spite of the fact that the announcement is vague, individuals pointed blaming fingers at him as they contended he engineered the act.

How Bettie was killed

Bettie was shot dead while leaving her office in Maryland in the United States of America.

She was shot in the head by the shooter on Friday evening around 5pm and was articulated dead when police landed at the scene of the wrongdoing.

Bettie Jenifer, as per the report left the workplace in the 6300 square of Ivy Lane and was strolling to her vehicle when a man equipped with a handgun moved toward her.

When she attempted to flee, the man pursued her and discharged at her on various occasions, with at any rate one shot hitting her.

The shooter at that point fled in a vehicle is as yet needed by the Maryland Police.

Police portrayed the suspect as "a dark male with a slim form and dark hair, wearing a dull shirt and jeans."

Chris Attoh wedded Bettie on October 6, 2018 after the Ghanaian on-screen character's marriage with Nollywood star Damilola Adegbite slammed.


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