Municipal Chief Executive of La Dadekotopon Mrs. Gladys Tsotsoo dead

News coming to uncover that the Municipal Chief Executive [MCE] for La Dadekotopon in the Greater Accra Region, Mrs. Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey is dead.

She is accounted for to have passed on at the 37 military medical clinic where she was on confirmation accepting treatment on Thursday June 6, 2019.

Family sources discloses that Mrs. Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey has been down with a stroke for very nearly a year now and was traveled to the India yet her condition did not perceive any improvement.

She was along these lines brought once again into the nation however kicked the bucket at the 37-military emergency clinic on Thursday morning agreeing close relations who affirmed the episode to this entry.

Politically, Mrs Gladys Mann-Dedey can be recognized as one of those gathering activists who presented an appeal to the gathering for the expulsion of previous Second National Vice Chairman of the New devoted Party (NPP) Sammy Crabbe and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong from office preceding 2016 decisions.

She was selected and affirmed as DCE for La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly in 2017 and assumed an indispensable job in the gathering's effort in the keep running up to the 2016 decisions.

Her family is yet to formally make open subtleties of her memorial service game plans.

In the mean time, the gathering's chain of command has been advised about her abrupt downfall.


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