Mumu gets slapped 52 times by girlfriend because he did not buy her a new phone.

A Chinese man has been named a casualty of maltreatment in the wake of being slapped in open an astounding multiple times by his better half, who was evidently disturbed that he hadn't gotten her another cell phone for Chinese Valentine's Day.

While most Chinese couples observed May twentieth, or "520" – one of the Asian nation's three yearly 'sweethearts' days' – in a sentimental manner, one sets in Sichuan territory chose to cause a stunning scene. Recordings caught by close-by observation cameras just as passers-by and later shared via web-based networking media demonstrated a young lady slapping her sweetheart in the road for supposedly neglecting to get her another cell phone as a gift.

Despite the fact that the recording doesn't demonstrate every one of the slaps, police later affirmed that the man persevered through no under 52 of them under the stunned looks of outsiders accumulated to observe his mortification.

What truly astonished a considerable lot of the a huge number of individuals who watched the irritating recordings doing the rounds online was the man's quiet demeanor as he got slapped hard by his better half. He scarcely winces, not to mention attempt to limit her or strike back in any capacity.

Cautioned by the huge group that gradually accumulated around the couple, police touched base on the scene and endeavored to quiet things down. They later affirmed that the man had undoubtedly been slapped a sum of multiple times – an odd method to celebrate 520 – and included that even after the open embarrassment, the injured individual really attempted to secure his injurious sweetheart.

At the point when cops endeavored to take the two "love flying creatures" away, the man attempted to secure his better half as she kept on slapping him, saying that he had committed an error by not getting her the blessing she needed and that enabling her to slap him was the best way to quiet her down.

He later told police that his sweetheart had been paying the greater part of his costs, so kind of discloses his eagerness to acknowledge being slapped around to such an extent.

The couple would not settle their question at the police headquarters, yet in the long run quieted down and pledged to take care of their issues in an increasingly acculturated way later on.

Is this an abuse or not, because if this was vise versa, well we all know the outrage vise versa would have brought.


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