Mmebusem will go blind soon and die foolishly for ridiculing Jesus - Prophet

Prophet Obrempong CP of Dominion Prayer Battalions has advised well known web sensation, Mmebusem, otherwise called 'Neighborhood Jesus' to stop mirroring Jesus or face the anger of God.

As indicated by the prophet, God has uncovered to him that Mmebusem will before long go visually impaired and pass on the off chance that he neglects to put a conclusion to his impious demonstration against the Holy Spirit.

In a Facebook live video, Prophet Obrempong CP said "In the event that you don't tune in to what God is stating and withdraw from your terrible ways, you will be reviled. This man is stepping on a tree he shouldn't, he's gnawing beyond what he can bite. God's resentment is on Mmebusem on account of what he does. God opened my eyes and uncovered Mmebusem's image to me asking 'in the event that he can scorn his central same way, he does to me? If not, instruct him to stop what he's doing else I'll rule reviles on him and his relatives'."

He further uncovered that Mmebusem's demonstration is a slander of the name of Jesus Christ, subsequently he has caused otherworldly hatred, infuriating God.

"This is absolutely impiety and paradise is troubled about it," he included.

Besides, Prophet Obrempong said God requested him to ask Mmebusem exactly barely any inquiries with respect to his disrespectful ways, further cautioning him to change his ways else bite the dust by 2021.

Bringing up the issues, he said "For what reason didn't you utilize Mohammed's dressing? God says I ought to ask you that. For what reason didn't you imitate Mohammed, Chief Imam, Komfo Anokye or some other divine beings or prophet?"

"You're committing an error in the event that you believe it's from me...If the villain has given you a task to make Christ disliked, God says I ought to caution you about it. On the off chance that you don't alter your perspective, by 2021 imprint my words, you will pass on."

Kumawood entertainer, Mmebusem has been winning the hearts of numerous Ghanaians with his productions as 'Neighborhood Jesus' clad in a white outfit, wig, crown of thistles and holding of a lamp.

Despite the fact that he has been reprimanded by others, larger part trust it's unadulterated acting and has nothing to do with swearing the Holy Spirit.


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