McGregor Beats the Cowboy In Just 40 Seconds

Conor McGregor has made a noteworthy come back to the UFC following two years away. In his first battle in quite a while, the Irishman commanded his rival Donald "Cattle rustler" Cerrone in a simple 40 seconds of the first round, procuring a perfect TKO and his second-quickest profession win.

The battle started with a catch, trailed by three shoulders from McGregor, which all arrived all over. Misleading his adversary, McGregor went for the complete the process of, venturing back and propelling a staggering left head kick, checking to start of the end for Cowboy. The rest was only McGregor on a fallen Cerrone, tossing a whirlwind of punches before the ref halted the battle.

"I left a mark on the world here today," said McGregor. "I'm the main contender to verify a triumph at featherweight, lightweight and now welterweight. Donald holds the record for head-kick knockouts and to get him down with a head kick, I'm cheerful." He kept on saying that he might be remaining in the weight division somewhat more: "I'm extremely upbeat," he said. "I like this weight division. It feels great. You're going to see a ton of me here."

McGregor has recently expressed that he could be battling multiple times this year, peering toward Tony Ferguson and a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Those two are booked to battle about the last's lightweight belt at UFC 249.


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