Manchester united womens lost to Chelsea proves they are a force yet to be unleased

FT: Chelsea 1 #MUWomen 0 An unbeaten run ends with defeat at Kingsmeadow, home of Chelsea ladies, Chelsea along with man city and arsenal women are among the very best in the Barclay's women super league, or simply the English women super league, Manchester united lost to just a goal against all three and beating city in the conti cup, united proved an outstanding opposition against Chelsea for newcomers in the league, united were promoted into the league just this season, and were only formed last two seasons and won the 2nd division cup in their first outing, Manchester united are in the league to stay, that's for sure, but are ready to be promoted to the champions league, well the lost to Chelsea by a goal and at times looked better than Chelsea proves they are on par with the best, only mussing out on experience and little bit of quality, however Manchester united as it stands are better than 60% of the teams in the super league, and with players like Groenen, sigsworth, zalem and Galton Manchester united are in there to challenge for whatever opponent comes their way.


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