Manchester united is not a selling club, ole Gunnar solksjear Addresses Pogba's transfer and others.

Ole Gunnar solksjear and his Manchester united squad are in Australia for their preseason, with fake video circulating about pogba and Jesse lingard in a burst up, solksjear claims there is an agenda against Paul pogba by the media, And stated that Manchester united is not a selling club, now that's where the confusion is, because a lot of Manchester united fans are thinking this is a bad statement considering how Manchester united fans are screaming for a transfer, But we think this statement is directed at Pogba and lukaku, what he meant was u don't have the price tag money, you walk, here is some of solksjears quotes from the press conference.

Solskjaer said: "There's been loads of talks and speculation about many of our players, both ins and outs, but for me it's business as usual. "When you're at Manchester United you expect these things to pop up. I've spoken to Paul, Rom [Lukaku], Rashy [Marcus Rashford], Jesse [Lingard], spoken to most of them, more or less, because you keep in touch with them. "We don't have any bids for our players so, other than Paul, most of our players have long contracts and we're Manchester United, we don't have to sell players. "Paul is a great great professional, he has a heart of gold. Paul's never put himself out of the team, always given his best and I can't report anything but that. "There's agent talk all the time and, as I said, we've not had any bids, so that's all I can say for this matter. "Paul's never been a concern for me, he's working hard, he's a true pro, a proud boy, so it's the same answer again. I can't be sitting here talking about Paul and what agents are saying. "We've got a few years left of his contract and he's been fantastic." Solskjaer's assessment on Pogba's situation sent social media into overdrive.


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