Manchester City are the first ever €1 billion squad

League champions Manchester City are the primary group in football history to spend more than €1 billion to collect their squad, an examination has appeared.

Information from the Swiss-based CIES Football Observatory demonstrated that Pep Guardiola's club burned through €1.014bn on their gathering of players.

French heroes Paris Saint-Germain were second having burned through €913 million and Spain's Real Madrid were third with €902m.

Manchester United (€751m) have the second-most costly squad in the Premier League pursued by Champions League victors Liverpool (€639m).

This investigation pursues a report from Deloitte which indicated European clubs from the "enormous five" alliances spent over €5bn throughout the mid year move window just because.

The report said the Premier League normal was €345m while La Liga and Serie A

both found the middle value of €167m. The normal spend in the Bundesliga was €124m while Ligue 1 found the middle value of the least spend among the huge five classes with €118m.

At the opposite part of the bargain, Germany's Paderborn had the least expensive squad in the investigation (€4m), which took a gander at groups from the English, German, Italian, French and Spanish top flights.

The top 10 clubs to spend the most on current squad:

1. Manchester City (€1.014bn)

2. Paris Saint-Germain (€913m)

3. Real Madrid (€902m)

4. Manchester United (€751m)

5. Juventus (€719m)

6. Barcelona (€697m)

7. Liverpool (€639m)

8. Chelsea (€561m)

9. Atletico Madrid (€550m)

10. Arsenal (€498m)


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