Man charged and may face two-year prison sentence for opening letter meant for 10-year-old son

A Spanish man may be going through the following two years in jail for opening a letter to his 10-year-old child and utilizing it as proof in a preliminary against the kid's mom.

In a consultation hung on Wednesday in the Spanish city of Seville, a dad was blamed by the indictment for abusing his child protection by opening a letter routed to him, which he was not approved to do.

The letter had been sent by the kid's maternal auntie, and in it, he was told how he ought to affirm against his dad in a 2012 local maltreatment body of evidence brought against the respondent by his very own significant other, the kid's mom.

The kid's auntie allegedly likewise offended his dad in the letter, which was then utilized by the respondent in court to demonstrate that his better half's family had constrained his child to affirm against him.

He was cleared all things considered, however at this point faces a two-year jail sentence and budgetary pay for abusing private correspondence.

It was the kid's mom who made legitimate move against her previous spouse, blaming him for perusing and openly unveiling private data.

Through her attorneys, the lady requested a two-year jail sentence and remuneration adding up to 3,000 euros ($3,340). La Vanguardia reports that the lady's legal counselors likewise asked that the man pay her customer an extra 6 euros for every day for a year, a sum of 2,160 euros, however the reason isn't determined.

With all due respect, the dad's lawyers guaranteed that he had opened the letter unintentionally on the grounds that he has a similar first name as his child.

Besides, regardless of whether that hadn't been the situation, the safeguard contends that by opening the letter, the man just practiced parental specialist, which he was flawlessly qualified for do.

As far as it matters for its, the Office of the Prosecutor asked that the respondent be absolved for this situation, contending that it concurs that he had practiced parental specialist over the minor.

Notwithstanding, the judge directing the case still can't seem to make a last running the show.


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