Maguire tells leicester city he wont play in their pre season games, amid Manchester united interest

Harry Maguire told to Leicester management that he wanted to go to Manchester United or City in the event of an offer up to the club's requirements (£ 80M-90M). Leicester expects it to be professional if a transfer does not materialize by the end of the transfer window.

Leicester city management still want premium money for maguire something manchester city has already backed away from, city only will pay 60 million max, considering their defense its justified, they dont really need a center half urgently, their other neighbours on the hand had some of the worst defensive record in the premier league last season, and with ole gunner solksjear stressing enough on a rebuild to bring the club back to its glory days, ole is keen to bring a solid center back to old trafford and maguire fits the profile, its been widely speculated that united and leicester has already agreed on a deal only a few blocks left to move over for the english defender to get his dream move.


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