London Lovebox Festival bliss as Solange shines

Who realizes what the show would have involved - albeit many anticipated that it should match her sister Beyonce's festival of dark culture at the earlier year's Coachella.

However, according to the star's extraordinary feature set at London's Lovebox Festival, expound organizing would have been unnecessary at any rate.

More than an hour of extraordinary, socially-cognizant soul, Solange performed with a feeling of opportunity and euphoria that raised both the material and the group of spectators.

The star focused to a great extent on her ongoing fourth collection, When I Get Home - a progression of short lived representations of the place where she grew up, Houston, Texas.

It's a dynamic, complex record, with none of the moment snares of its previous, 2016's A Seat At The Table. Be that as it may, the group of spectators, rather than being estranged, appeared to be enchanted by the winding, jazz-like game plans, and Solange's sunlit harmonies.

Astutely, the artist peppered the set with progressively conspicuous melodies from her back list - the road funk of Losing You, and the taking off ditty Cranes In The Sky - and strung the new record's most vital earworm, Things I Imagined, all through the set as a melodic theme.

The band was fresh and clear, with a metal area that brought a new, New Orleans vibe to the material; featuring Solange's increasingly political verses, without causing them to appear to be blundering.

the singer explained, she nearly didn't get to experience.

"It was actually at Lovebox two years ago I started to lose control of my body, I started go through some really crazy health issues," said the 33-year-old, who was diagnosed in 2017 with an autonomic nerve disorder, which can affect everything from your heart rate to your cognitive functions.

"I remember being in the hospital that morning and them telling me I was not to perform or leave… and I remember bringing my black ass right here to Lovebox," she added.

"Lovebox is the festival that I get to come and see all these black and brown faces and I ain't missing that for nothing.

"Tonight, it feels so good."


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