lil wayne calls jay z the G.O.A.T

Lil wayne larger than life persona always is great to marvel at when the new orleans rapper is at his peak of rap prowers, mostly known as the best rapper alive, lil wayne himself hailed himself as the best rapper alive since way back 2005, times have changed with this modern generation, not knowing how great this new orleans rapper was so might not see him as such.

albums like the CARTER 1-5 is a testament of his greatness, but for lil wayne to come out and call out jay z as the greatest of all time, well that was shocker, pound for pound lil wayne is far a better lyricist and rapper than jay , you can argue that, but on the real, that's the truth,Not to say jay ain't good but he comes short in terms of the lines that gives u the cred as the king of rap, There may be many reason for this statement by wayne, but we at sc dont think thats an honest opinion, didnt wayne beef jay a few years back, jay is a king in the industry, highly respected, but to think he is the g.o.a.t in rap, WAYNE its your opinion, tell us what u think below.

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