Kwame Nkrumah Circle traders punish thief by forcing him to clean every gutter around (watch)

As Ghana searches for imaginative approaches to manage her numerous issues, a few brokers at Odo Rice, close to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle have additionally discovered an increasingly gainful approach to manage basic criminals in the territory.

What related previously, by method for discipline to suspected criminals when they are unfortunate to be caught was to either lynch them or doll out a couple of smacks to their countenances.

Those types of disciplines, as powerful as they might be, are ineffective thus the choice by the occupants to enhance.

The primary suspected steal to profit by this advancement was a youngster who just gave his name as Kofi Yesu otherwise called Guy.

Yesu purportedly entered a shop close to the Odo Rice zone while the retailer's was outside partaking in a normal cleaning exercise that is sorted out on the day put in a safe spot for such purposes – Sanitation Day.

Kofi Yesu prevailing with regards to conveying a pack containing GHS 700.00 and an Iphone X wireless, shrouded it beneat his dress as he hid in trust that an open door will jolt.

Karma, be that as it may, run out for Kofi Yesu when the retailer presumed his development and defied him.

To demonstrate that he was in reality a 'fellow', Kofi Yesu communicated in Hausa with a stern face that was relied upon to frighten the retailer.

As destiny will have it, the retailer who additionally talks familiar Hausa, answered Kofi Yesu with equivalent sternness in the midst of further questions.

It depended on the inquiries that the dealers who had now assembled around Kofi discovered that all the Hausa he could talk were his initial couple of words to the retailer.

As inquiries flew in from all edges, Kofi Yesu admitted to taking the sack, which he brought out from under his shirt.

As per an observer who talked solely to in a phone talk with, Kwame Destiny, now, the group required his discharge so they could give him some beating yet savvy guidance won as they concurred on an increasingly gainful discipline.

The inhabitants concurred that as the day was reserved for sanitation, Kofi Yesu is made to desilt the channels, a discipline he readily acknowledged and embraced with his uncovered hands though industriously.

As indicated by Destiny, the suspect told dealers that he lived at Konkomba Market in Accra; subsequently, when he was finished with his discipline, the merchants got him a motorbike with GHC 10.00 and bode him goodbye with the counsel that he sins no more.


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