Ibrah One Nudes leaked by a Slay Queen after he Refused to Pay her $100K

naked pictures of socialite Ibrah One have been spilled by a unidentified slay queen, as indicated by some solid sources.

Despite the fact that data about where and why the photos were taken is insufficient, there are claims the said woman took a depiction following their sexual venture.

The photos have since produced discussions among a segment of the general population as they share their perspectives on the recording.

In the interim, the Ghanaian mogul has responded to the issue saying he has been coerced by a whore he laid down with three years prior.

As indicated by him, the woman being referred to requested a measure of $100,000 in return for the photographs.

About Ibrah One

Before April 2018, Ibrahim Dauda as he is known, in actuality, is a youthful Ghanaian rich man who drives conspicuous autos around the local area.

He is respected by numerous individuals for his demonstrations of philanthropy.

Eminent among them was the point at which he parted with iPhone gadgets to all travelers in a business vehicle on his birthday.

A year ago, there were reports he had been captured for tax evasion. In addition to other things, he was blamed for participating in cash ceremonies just as managing in drugs.

A couple of days after the reports circulated around the web, he unveiled in a meeting his capture was arranged.


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