I Have 35 Sex Styles – Prophet Kumchacha Boasts

Updated: May 24, 2019

Prophet Nicholas Osei, the pioneer of the Heaven's Gate Ministry, prevalently known as Prophet Kumchacha in his ongoing post expressed that he has a great deal of sexual styles in bed.

The pastor expressed that he can not be involved with a lady who is lethargic in bed since he isn't one of those sluggish men in bed.

The Prophet further expressed that the world will reach an end on the off chance that he doesn't engage in sexual relations in multi day.

Prophet Kumchacha while talking on his sexual way of life expressed that he is a sex someone who is addicted and he questions if any lady that doesn't care for sex can be his significant other. He said;

"I have 35 sex styles; so you can't be my significant other and be stating you're worn out on engaging in sexual relations; regardless of how tired you will be; you should profit yourself to me whenever l need it."

Review that as of late the disputable minister expressed that any lady who calls the name of God or Jesus Christ amid sex will finish up in hellfire.

"Regardless of whether you are making the affection with your better half or sweetheart, when you shout the name of Jesus Christ while in the demonstration, it is extremely unlikely you won't take a hike," he had said.


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