I didn't force her she begged me to marry her- Becca's Nigerian husband Tobi reveals.

Recent revelations concerning Rebecca akosua acheampong popularly known as Becca and her marital issues is being blown out of proportions after blogging site Ghana celebrities had an interview with her mother, In which she alleges the daughters husband called her a thief and a witch, According to her the singers husband revealed to her that Becca had sort of begged him to go “knock" for her hand in marriage —and said this in itself being disrespectful, as far as our African culture is concerned,

In our African culture, a man who loves a woman and intends to marry her will on his own decides to go and knock for her , and it’s not the woman who asks or begs the man to do so.

But for Tobi and my daughter, Tobi reportedly said he was asked by Becca do it—which leads to the burning question we all , who even paid for it all then?


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