Husband cheating on partner agrees to be paraded naked on top of car as punishment (video)

A Colombian man as of late turned into the fool of the web after purportedly consenting to be marched bare on the top of a vehicle as discipline for undermining his better half.

A video of a bare man lying over a white vehicle and being marched around the Colombian city of Barranquilla has been doing the rounds on Colombian web based life throughout the previous two weeks, and as of late turned into a web sensation around the world.

The unusual scene apparently happened on May 15, when the man's better half caught him in bed with another lady at a nearby motel.

He asked for absolution, however the disdained spouse disclosed to him that the best way to spare their marriage was for him to acknowledge a mortifying discipline.

He was to consent to lie stripped over their vehicle as she drove home, with only a towel to disguise his face with.

The duping spouse, recognized as one Jairo V., consented to be strutted right from the motel to the couple's living arrangement in the Chiquinquirá zone of Barranquilla. That implied crossing a portion of the city's busiest regions, where passers-by had a lot of time to whip out their cell phones and film the mortifying scene, while in the meantime ridiculing the poor man as he endeavored to shroud his face.

As though being openly embarrassed wasn't terrible enough, Jairo likewise wound up in prison, after the group assembled around him grabbed the eye of nearby police.

They ceased the vehicle, caused him to get down from the rooftop and put on some garments, and was accused of profane introduction and irritating open request. He was arrested and needed to pay a fine of 328,000 pesos ($100).

All things considered, at any rate the man is still cheerfully hitched.


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