Hunger drives opana into taking 40 lashes for eating mango during Ramadan

A 20-year-elderly person who was discovered liable of eating mango amid the Islamic holy month has gotten 40 lashes for his wrongdoing.

Ismail Ibrahim who was blamed for eating while other sound Muslims were fasting was discovered liable by an upper Shariah court in Ringim nearby government territory of Jigawa state.

Premium Times reports that the judge, Safiyanu Ya'u, requested that the injured individual ought to be flagellated multiple times in a market square to filled in as an obstacle to other people.

As per him, the activity of the injured individual negates segment 370 of corrective code law of Jigawa state.

As per the news medium, the lashing activity occurred at Ringim market square after a court authority read before the open the 'offense' submitted by Ismail.

Ismali admitted said he was hungry to th bone, and as tthe saying goes a hungry man is a mango man, wait yeah angry man rather.


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