Ghanaian artistes refusing a collabo because of awurama video – Lord Paper

Ghanaian Afrobeats performer Lord Paper has uncovered to Showbiz that Ghanaian artists, particularly the A-rundown ones have would not work together with him.

As per Lord Paper, he has connected with a great deal of performers to work with him however they all turned him down.

He clarified that one of such performers was strong enough to reveal to him that he would not do it due to his issues with erotic entertainment.

“I can’t understand why this is so. The songs I sent for the feature had no swear words in them. I am still shocked that Ghanaian musicians would look down on another musician. I don’t want to mention names but such moves are bad,” he said.

Master Paper said in spite of the fact that Mr Eazi was the exemption and acknowledged his solicitation, he feels such conduct does not help the music business.

“If you don’t like the ‘Ewurama’ song I did which had an explicit video, at least listen to the songs I now have and decide to feature or not but to turn me down without listening to the songs is bad,” he said.

Paper disclosed to Showbiz that he doesn't lament the Ewurama tune he did which accompanied a wild video since he arranged it and wishes Ghanaians would comprehend the inventiveness behind that melody.

to be honest we rate lord paper, his talent is just undeniable.


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