'Forbes' Releases the Names of the World's Top-Earning Musicians of 2019

Forbes has uncovered its yearly rundown of the world's top-acquiring artists and 2019's record incorporates everybody from hip-bounce to pop and shake. The 10 most generously compensated artists earned simply over $1 billion USD in general, outperforming a year ago's pinnacle of $886 million USD.

Taking the honored position this year is pop star Taylor Swift who earned $185 million USD on account of another record arrangement, supports and the last part of her latest visit. She bounces from a year ago's No. 6 spot and is over the rundown for the second time in five years. Sitting just beneath Swift is Kanye West at No. 2, gaining $150 million USD because of a flood in offers of his adidas YEEZY tennis shoes. Ed Sheeran and The Eagles fall at No. 3 and 4 individually, procuring $110 million USD and $100 million USD because of a monstrous measure of gigs. At the midpoint of the best 10 is Elton John, gathering $84 million USD during his three-year goodbye visit.

JAY-Z and Beyoncé end 2019 tied at No. 6, with the couple procuring $81 million USD each. Entering the best 10 is Canadian rap star Drake, jumping from a year ago's No. 22 spot to the current year's No. 8 with $75 million USD. 2017's rundown topper Diddy shows up at No. 9 with $70 million USD, trailed by Metallica at $68.5 million USD.

Other remarkable notices in the best 40 incorporate Rihanna at No. 11 with $62 million USD, Travis Scott at No. 12 with $58 million USD, DJ Khaled and The Weeknd at No. 29 with $40 million USD, Kendrick Lamar at No. 34 with $38.5 million USD and Migos at No. 40 with $36 million USD.

Investigate the full rundown on Forbes.


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