Empressleak website owner arrested for crimes related to nude pictures [VIDEO]


The suspect, Anderson Ofosu Hene Amin nom de plume Mario G., matured 35 years, has been blamed by the police for utilizing the site to distribute the naked pictures and recordings of individuals and blackmailing cash from them.

He was captured in a joint activity by the Cyber Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Ministry of Communications.

He is said to have worked the site for as long as six years from his home in Osino, in the Eastern Region.

He has been accused of the offense of foulness, kid ponogragraphy, blackmail of cash and tax evasion.

Realistic Online's Emelia Ennin Abbey reports from the press preparation that Anderson Ofosu Hene Amin was captured on July 30, 2020.

Amin, as per the police, was captured while he was in the demonstration of transferring naked pictures and recordings of certain casualties onto the site.

It took a half year to capture the site director after the police had mounted observation obscure to him and his associates.

He has been accused of the offense of profanity, kid erotic entertainment, coercion of cash and illegal tax avoidance.

The police have since mounted a quest for his assistants who are suspected to be spread across Ghana and supposedly scout for the naked pictures and recordings of casualties after which they coercion the people in question and blackmail cash from them.

Casualties are made to pay somewhere in the range of GH¢500 and GH¢2000 through a versatile cash account before their photos are pulled down from the site.

Anyway in light of the fact that the recordings and pictures may have been downloaded by certain individuals as of now, the police said the casualties in the wake of making the installment keep on getting undermining calls from others associated to be the assistants with Amin who request more cash else get the photos distributed online once more.

The accessories purportedly fabricate colleagues with the casualties through online life stages including dating locales utilizing counterfeit characters.

They at that point force the casualties to share bare pictures or recordings of their sexual demonstrations which are furtively replicated.

Preparation columnists in Accra on Monday, August 10, 2020 on the ongoing digital wrongdoing cases recorded in Ghana, the Minister of Communications, Mrs Ursula Owusu-Ekuful said the activity was completed by the National Cyber Security Center of the Ministry as a team with the CID and the National Cyber Security Technical Working Group after a female Senior High school understudy under 18 years announced an instance of her photos being distributed on the site on January 6, 2020.

Examinations, she said built up that the site was known for distributing kid sex entertainment and grown-up sexual substance and it had 600,000 month to month clients from Ghana, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The Cyber Criminal and Cyber Security Incident announcing Point of Contact, she said had since its foundation in 2019 got various reports on digital wrongdoing and digital Security occurrences from people in general.

A portion of the cases she said identified with distribution of non-consensual private pictures or coercion, online pantomime, online misrepresentation, online shakedown, site disfigurement among others.

The Director General of CID of the Ghana Police Service, Commissioner of Police (COP) Mr Isaac Ken Yeboah said between the period after the lockdown and July, casualties lost an aggregate of GH¢420,000 to the culprits behind the wrongdoing.

He said the activity was done in a joint effort with the Center at the Ministry after the two organizations recorded comparable patterns of cases from casualties.

In January reconnaissance was mounted on the site and "following a half year of concentrated examinations and knowledge assembling the group found the chairman of the site and he was captured at his living arrangement at Osino in the Eastern Region while he was in the demonstration of transferring bare pictures and recordings of certain casualties."

The CID Director General said various advanced gadgets utilized by Anim to execute his demonstration were recovered and are being exposed to legal tests to help with examinations.

He encouraged all casualties to answer to the Cyber Crime Unit of the CID to help with examinations and forewarned people engaged with the demonstration of taking bare pictures and recordings from casualties to halt from the demonstrations.

The top of the Cyber Crime Unit of the CID, Dr Gustav Yankson said in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the unit watched a flood in digital offenses the same number of individuals depended on the utilization of the internet for their social and financial exercises.

A portion of the offenses recorded inside the period, he said included youngster erotic entertainment, distribution of foul materials, coercion identified with bare pictures and recordings, shopping tricks and versatile cash tricks.

Be that as it may, he said coercion identified with the distribution of naked pictures and recordings on the said site was the most elevated number of cases recorded inside the previous five months.

Examinations by the police, he said indicated that individuals turned to the utilization of the internet to zest up their connections during the COVID-19 lockdown period yet during the post lockdown period the pictures and recordings shared among sweethearts and couples arrived in the open space and lawbreakers exploited to coerce cash from their casualties.


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