Do not approach me if u own a Kia Picanto – Popular presenter warns.

Sokoohemaa of Rainbow radio has undoubtedly satisfied her name, "3mmaa p3 sokoo" (ladies love extravagance).

The radio character has issued a solid cautioning to potential sweethearts to avoid proposing to her in the event that they claim kia picanto vehicles.

She has moved up to dating men with pumas as it were.

She said, “Ghanaian men take note of this, we have upgraded from picantos to jaguars. Do not approach me if you own a kia picanto else…”

She said this at the 42nd birthday party of gospel diva Ohemaa Mercy.

Ohemaa was gifted a brand new jaguar as a gift from her husband and this must have provoked Sokoohemaa to decide not to settle for “mere” picanto owners.

She further charged men who want her to buckle down to manage the cost of panthers


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