Dead Man "Breathing" In Imo Nigeria, After Corpse Was Exhumed 1 Year After His Death

Residents in Umuoji, Amucha, in Imo state, were left in stun when the carcass of a dead man was uncovered and they found he was all the while "breathing" and his body was at this point to rot.

In a video shared on the web, a group is seen accumulated around a coffin with the body of a dead man inside it.

"He's breathing, he's breathing," those in the crowd say in shock.

The man reportedly died on November 20, 2019, and was buried on 8 October, someone in the video is heard saying.

Another voice is heard saying the man has been dead for one entire year and has been covered for more than three weeks yet he's actually relaxing. Another voice in the video contributed, saying the man has been covered for nearly 12 months.

"Since I was born, I've never heard a thing like this but now I've seen it with my two eyes. Abomination," the man filming is heard saying.

The man filming explained that the man's corpse was exhumed because the land he was buried in is someone else's.

He continued: "He was buried in a land that is not his own, so his spirit cannot rest. Because the land he was buried in is not his."

The video shows the coffin lodging the body is now being eaten by creepy crawlies. Be that as it may, the man's body is as yet unblemished and has given no indication of rot. Those assembled round the coffin remarked on this as well.

The little girl of the perished man was later welcomed and the coffin was opened for her to recognize her dad.


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