CEO of Ghana's Chale Wote Festival Mantse accused of rape and abuse

Chale Wote Festival has been a famous Ghanaian social occasion over the previous years.

There are a few presentations of workmanship from Ghanaians and outsiders. It draws in upwards of 50,000 individuals to Jamestown during the seven day stretch of the celebration.

The current year's occasion was not as mainstream as different years neither peopled show much enthusiasm during the occasion.

Prior to the occasion in August, there were gossipy tidbits that the greater part of the accomplices and coordinators of Chale Wote left clarifying the terrible association and practically zero enthusiasm from individuals.

Mantse Aryeequaye, has been blamed for physically and verbally ambushing the individuals near him particularly his ex, Dr. Sionne Neely who has discharged an announcement.

A few artistes have additionally made posts censuring his activities and getting him out in light of the fact that they're observers.

Among them is Wanlov the kubolor who has additionally discharged a video communicating dissatisfaction and outrage after Mantse sent police officers after him and every one of the individuals in his circle getting him out.


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