Canadians kidnapping- Kenyasi-Achiase residents receiving constant death threats

At any rate, two inhabitants of Kenyasi-Achiase have been constrained out of their homes to look for asylum somewhere else following dangers of passings over the salvage of abducted Canadian ladies.

They state individuals they accept are lined up with suspects captured regarding the episode, are dogging them with allegation they gave tip-off to the security.

One of them is a 35-year-old merchant who says her life and those of her six kids are in peril.

The two-room house where the two ladies were kept keeps on drawing in individuals.

The spot, until Thursday, was grouped a security zone as police wrongdoing scene group got occupied with picking proof.

Just a couple of Criminal Investigations Department officers who drove Canadian authorities to the scene were available at the season of our visit on Thursday.

Two individuals from the network who gave help and addressed writers state their lives are being undermined by individuals accepted to be associated with the capturing.

One of them is this 35-year old merchant. She is taken shelter outside the network after she detected that her life was undermined for remarking on the issue on UTV.

"I was at home yesterday when a few men requested bearing to where shots were discharged in our general vicinity. They asked that I lead them to the spot in their vehicle since they experienced issues finding the spot. It was there that I became more acquainted with that, that was the place the seized Canadian ladies were being kept.

"Obscure to me, the proprietor of the house is really somebody who lives in my neighborhood. Upon my arrival to Abirem, news had spread all over that I am the person who driven police to the house to capture the ruffians since they saw me on TV. I have from that point forward turned into an objective. Everybody is assaulting me," she said in Twi.

Her 15-year old little girl revealed to JoyNews how some unidentified men in a private vehicle trailed her as she was coming back from chapel. The JHS 2 understudy who said she had since not to class, fell and supported wounds incorporating a cracked leg in her endeavor to escape from the men.

Her Mum said she at first forgotten about the dangers until her significant other began getting undermining messages and calls.

"At first I didn't regard it as genuine until they began sending undermining messages to my better half's telephone. When the man who possesses the house stays everywhere, I can't have my genuine feelings of serenity," she said.

Dissimilar to this dealer who has announced the risk on her life to police, the other individual is yet to do as such.

Police at Kenyasi state they are investigating the issue in the wake of affirming receipt of such protests


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